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If you imagined the ultimate smoke shop, it would almost certainly look a lot like American Smoke & Vape. A decade ago, We set out to create a truly special place for smokers that would have everything one could need.
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Everything you could ever need as a smoker and a whole lot more!

With 10 years of experience under our belt. We have an ever-growing customer base and group of regulars simply because our shops are full of a variety of tobacco, vaporizers, and accessories and staffed by a friendly team of experts.

Sky's The Limit

We are very proud of our unique selection and the many people who have enjoyed it over the years. What’s more, We always stay up to date on new items that are coming out. These smoke shops stay on the cutting edge because our customers are always curious to try the latest. Smoking is meant to be fun and pleasurable and we’ve never lost track of that idea.

Our Secret

Genuine passion for the many products for sale at American Smoke & Vape. We love to share products with customers and introduce them to new things they will very much enjoy. Life as a smoker can be so much more interesting than a pack of Camels, and if you have not discovered that yet, our shops are the ideal place to find out what you have been missing. Not only do we have options aplenty, but the staff members are experts in getting you exactly what you want as well.


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” Super helpful and friendly service!!! Would absolutely recommend this store to anyone.

Shannon Mulcahy

” The staff is friendly and helpful, always informed on the latest products. They keep a wide selection in stock at a good price range. Call me a regular! ”

Steve Plays

One of the best smoke shops around. The prices have always been amazing along with the products. Definitely would suggest this smoke shop out of any other.

Aislyn Ceron

Best shop , good prices bought rig , torch , vape pen , e-rig all good quality stuff.

Omar Cerna

I come to this shop three times every week, amazing selection of hookah, vapes and pipes. Everything is priced with a reasonable deal. You will love the environment of this place. Definitely the best shop in town..

Yvng Supreme

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