If you have found yourself searching for the best smoke shops in the Chicago Area, this is where the search ends!


Here at American Smoke & Vape, We have goods that you can’t find anywhere else! ONYX and Naked Fish E-Juices are just two examples. Only available Here! Along with the exclusive, we also offer a wide variety of mainstream brands. Saying we have more flavors than an Ice Cream Shop would be a total understatement. To put it simply, American Smoke & Vape has everything you need and more!

Vape Gear

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes have been rising in popularity in the past few years, and with good reason. Every day, more people become interested in vaping because of the infinite number of flavors, the value to be had compared to tobacco, and the increased ability to smoke without offending people nearby and leaving behind an odor. If you have never tried it, you owe it to yourself to see what the craze is about. No one else can provide the informed introduction that you can get here.


The world of Glass is always turning out something new and exciting. We keep a large selection of pipes that run the gamut from the interesting, to the beautiful, to the humorous. Whatever you might be looking for, you can find it here or we can get a hold of it for you. These are the head shops that you have always wanted to come across, and every day, people come from around the Chicago, IL area to find what they need.

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